Welcome to MYC Yoga

We’re an Auckland Yoga studio that offer regular yoga classes, plus a range of weekend workshops, yoga therapy, business wellness, luxury boutique yoga retreats, and guided yoga trips to India and the Himalayas.

Yoga Classes

We offer an extensive range of yoga classes, Meditation and Mindfulness workshops and Mantra chanting with our highly trained and experienced  teachers.

Corporate Yoga

We provide regular workplace yoga classes, mindfulness workshops, meditation sessions and Wellness education for stress reduction, relaxation and enhanced focus in the workplace. These are often facilitated for annual conferences throughout New Zealand.

Yoga Retreats

We offer a variety of local and international yoga and meditation retreats including to India and the Himalayas. Take some time out with us, to revive, relax and restore, just show up we will take care of the rest!

Yoga Therapy

Personalised bespoke yoga therapy sessions to help you restore balance and harmony. Let us develop a practical daily routine to achieve your goals. We work with everyone from elite athletes, sports people, dancers, actors and anyone seeking help with health or stress related issues.

Workshops & Courses

Information on workshops and courses in yoga and meditation.

Wedding Yoga

Up and coming wedding? Yogamani offers yoga and meditation sessions as part of her wedding celebrant service. Stretch out any tensions, aches, pains or any stresses with some Asana (postures) followed by some breath work (Pranayama) to balance the nervous systems. A great way to calm those pre-wedding jitters.

Podcast: Keys to Self Care with Kati Kasza

Ep 2. Yoga insights with Swami Yogamani

This fortnightly podcast hosted by Kati Kasza explores the keys to self-care in conversations with experts on the many aspects of wellness. Click through to listen to Yogamani discuss the ancient art and science of yoga and meditation.

Our Auckland Location (Point Chevalier)

Our main venue is in Point Chevalier. 19 Formby Avenue, Point Chevalier, Auckland

  Digits. 021 980 692