Fully guided journey to the home of yoga, India.

The full guided retreat runs 29 September to 25 October 2017, starting in Kolkata.

There are three options available.

Enjoy a traditional experience of ashram life and find a greater depth of understanding of what yoga is all about. Participate in the courses below and ashram programs at Rikhiapeeth.

Chakra Sadhana 1 – 10 Oct 2017

Deepen your knowledge of yoga and how the chakras influence your personality, health and mind. Chakras are energy centres in the body that regulate the circulation of energy and influence all our expressions. Experience great depth using chakra focus during asana, pranayama, meditation sessions. Be inspired by deep insights from Swami Satsangi (Peethadishwari of Rikhiapeeth) and integrate into ashram activities.

Prana VIdya 12 – 18 Oct 2017

Prana (energy) Vidya (knowledge) is an ancient and powerful psychic practice dealing with the system of prana for healing and spiritual awakening. Experience the scientific and esoteric aspects of the subtle breath and body, including practical techniques for awakening the energetic fields. Awaken and manipulate prana consciously, develop subtle awareness to perceive and gain knowledge of the nature of prana which in turn leads to new dimensions of awareness, as well learning to direct this subtle energy for self-healing.

Join the ashram activities, participating in Diwali celebrations on the 19th October. A beautiful and joyous festival that is testimony to the inspired vision of the ashram that continues to become a reality, day by day. On this day the ashram vibrates with joy and the entire ashram is aglow with thousands of flickering lights.

We will conclude the trip with a visit to Munger afterwards for a yoga lifestyle stay, participating in Karma Yoga and other ashram activities and hopefully some time with Swami Niranjanananda, but this of course is not guaranteed.

Meet in Kolkata and travel as a group to the ashram