Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy - Bespoke sessions just for you!

Too busy to get to classes or prefer a little privacy? Want to learn safe tools to transform your life back to balance, peace and ease?

Personalised bespoke yoga therapy sessions help you restore balance and harmony back into busy urban life. Let us develop a practical daily routine with a variety of practises from Postures to Breathwork, Meditation and more... to achieve your specific goals at home or regular private sessions with us. We work with everyone from elite athletes, sports people, dancers, actors and anyone seeking help with health or stress related challenges of modern day life.

LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT PERSONALISED SESSIONS. Achievable and specific to your unique requirements. May include practises for body, breath and mind to assist you with managing frenetic busy urban life, sleep, anxiety, fatigue, relaxation, depression, digestive disorder, hayfever, flexibility, fitness, weightloss, strength and pain.

Join us in our cosy, sunny private studio in Takapuna.

With Swami Yogamani by appointment ONLY m.021980692