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Yogic Amulets

2-4pm Saturday 6 July 2019

Crown up people, in the city of jewels, with the Jewel of Yoga and meditation, for our one off Yogic Amulet …..warding of the evil of modern-day stress

At MYC Yoga we realise that many of our valued clients and newcomers want more than just an hours class…. many have been asking to have more space for a really profound experience of the Yogic practises that we only have time to touch the surface of at Yoga classes. So ….Swami Yogamani has prioritised this precious date to deliver.

This session is open to any person who wishes to lessen the effects of anxiety, stress, insomnia, pain, who is interested in investing in their own self care, health and wellness learning tools for positive transformation that they can apply at any time, in any place, for life.

 A one off 2 hour session specifically designed for the practitioner… a time to delve deeper into ancient practises of Yoga & Meditation for enhancing survival of modern day life.

Come home to your tranquil place that is harmonious, joyous, invigorated and inspired.  Immerse your whole self in a bespoke yogic balm that honours your uniqueness, soothes and leads you back home to deep serenity.

You will experience a divine blend of Asana (Postures) to the music of you breath, pranayama (breathwork) re connecting body and mind, Meditation and mindfulness, the crown jewel, all woven together with the golden thread of consciousness, mudra and mantra.

An Achievable, practical systematic science for wellbeing and equipoise, body, heart, mind and soul.


Spaces ARE limited

Contribution to self $45 if received by 17 June 19

Latercomers IF available $60

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Designer Corporate Retreats

Designed for your company at the destination of your choice.

Specialist retreats could be a unique experience for your conference that is in alignment with your company's philosophy, with scheduled (but optional) Yoga, meditation, and wellness sessions with plenty of time to fit in your meetings in a stress-free environment.