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Designer Corporate Retreats

Designed for your company at the destination of your choice

Ideal for Company Conferences and Incentives

Is your company looking for some new incentive or another way to reward staff for their brilliant work and loyalty, or perhaps blend wellness sessions, into business meetings or training sessions.

Specialist retreats could be a unique experience for your conference that is in alignment with your company's philosophy, with scheduled (but optional) Yoga, meditation, and wellness sessions with plenty of time to fit in your meetings in a stress-free environment.

With the current and very welcome trend of health and wellness in the workplace, these overnight retreats assist in rejuvenating staff and inspire them to create new levels of balance mind body and soul.

When mind, body and soul are in alignment, it benefits both employers and employees so that both may reach their potential for prosperity, great health and happiness.

Please feel free to connect and express your ideal retreat vision for your business - email or complete the enquiry form.


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